Watch Doctor Who on Netflix

Doctor Who on NetflixDoctor Who is a very popular TV series that I have never actually watched, but surfing the Internet and looking for Netflix news I discovered that it is super popular and with millions of fans worldwide. That is why I also included it on the list of the top new films added to Netflix in February 2016, because for a few days you can now watch Doctor Who season 8 on Netflix!

In the real time Doctor Who is already in season 9, but until recently you could only see the first 7 seasons of Doctor Who on Netflix. But, with this latest addition you can now watch the first 8 seasons of Doctor Who on Netflix, so if you have a couple of weeks of free time it is just to start and watch them all.

Doctor Who season 8 is currently available on Netflix in Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Canada,  USA, Norway, Belgium, Austria and Italy. To switch your Netflix region, read this article.

I hope you will enjoy to watch Doctor Who Season 8 on Netflix. If you have questions related to watching Doctor Who on Netflix or simply about watching Netflix online in general, use the comment field. Feel free to share your comments on season 8 of Doctor Who as well if you have already seen some episodes.

[stbpro id=”info”]I do realize now that Doctor Who season 8 have been on Netflix for a while, so it was probably not released on Netflix in February 2016, it was only I who discovered it now.[/stbpro]

When will Doctor Who season 9 come to Netflix?

Based on experience from earlier seasons of Doctor Who it will most likely come to Netflix a few weeks before the new season (season 10) will be aired. In other words, we can expect Doctor Who season 9 to come to Netflix in August/September 2016.

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