How to watch Abominable on Netflix?

Abominable is one of the last movies I watched in the cinema before COVID-19. Not only is it a sweet memory to me because it reminds me of the world before lockdowns, masks, and so much more, but I also think about it gladly, because it was an amazing movie that I really enjoyed. So, what would be better than to stream Abominable on Netflix with your kids? To be honest, it is nice to stream even without kids. But, I am sure that kids and teenagers will have a great time watching it as well.

Of course, there might be some teenagers who are way to “cool” to watch animated movies like Abominable. But, if you have some teenagers at home who still enjoy a nice movie, and do not require everything to be “super-cool”, then this movie will give you a fantastic evening.

How to watch Abominable on Netflix?

How to watch Abominable on Netflix?

Currently, you can stream this movie on Netflix in South Korea. It is available with English audio and with English subtitles, making it perfect for everything with some English knowledge. And if you are able to read this article, I guess you should fit into that category.

But, what if you live somewhere else? How can you stream Abominable on Netflix if you live in the United States, in Canada, in the UK, or maybe in Mexico? Is there a way to stream Abominable on Netflix if it cannot be found on Netflix in your country? YES!

All you need to stream Abominable on South Korean Netflix is a VPN subscription to the VPN provider named SurfsharkVPN. This is a very good VPN provider that secures your Internet connection and will make you able to access Netflix content in more than 10 different countries, including South Korea.

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Click the button above to visit their website. If you click the link, you will receive a fantastic 12 extra months for free deal if you decide to purchase their 12-months plan. If you buy a plan and regret, you are protected by their full refund policy which is valid for 30-days.

How to watch Abominable on Netflix with SurfsharkVPN?

Have you bought a SurfsharkVPN subscription? If the answer is yes, this is what you will need to do!

  • Download SurfsharkVPN to your computer, phone, tablet, SmartTV.
  • Run the application and enter your credentials.
  • Connect to a server in South Korea. This will give you a South Korean IP address.
  • Open your Netflix application or visit
  • You can now stream all the content on South Korean Netflix, including Abominable, and lots of other fantastic movies and TV series.

Do you remember the movie that won the most awards during the Academy Awards in 2020? It was a South Korean movie. And there are so many other fantastic TV shows and movies available on South Korean Netflix, and many of them originate from South Korea. These are all coming with high quality and awesome stories, so make sure to look around once you are there.

What else to do with SurfsharkVPN?

If you have a subscription to SurfsharkVPN, you can also connect to servers in the United States to watch US Netflix, in Canada to watch Canadian Netflix, in Japan to watch Japanese Netflix, and so much more.

You can also watch the content on TV networks such as CBS, NBC, and PeacockTV, and also unblock TV channels in Europe, Australia, and all across the world. In other words, this will give you access to so much more than just Abominable on South Korean Netflix.

What is Abominable about?

This movie tells the story of a Jeti that manages to escape from a prison facility. He hides in a big city, and ends up being found by a cute little girl. This turns into the start of a fantastic relationship in which the young girl tries to bring the Jeti back to its origins. But, that is easier said that done, because the owners of the “prison facility” are very eager to get the jeti back. Will they succeed? Of course not, but it is still fantastic to watch this movie and see how the friendship between the girl and the jeti move on, and to enjoy the funny situations as the jeti and the girl have a good time together.

Have you seen Abominable yet? Did you watch it in the cinema and now you want to stream it on Netflix as well, or did you miss out on the movie while it could be seen in theaters worldwide before the pandemic?

How did you like the movie? Would you recommend it to others?

If you have any questions dealing with how to stream this movie on Netflix, write a comment and I will do my best to answer!

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