Raymond Reddington is back in The Blacklist season 8 on Netflix! Would you like to watch?

I was really happy to discover that Raymond Reddington (aka James Spader) has returned to the frontpage of my Netflix start page. What do I mean? Yesterday, I was greeted with a picture telling me that season 8 has now arrived to Netflix in my country. Guess what? I streamed the first episode of season 8 (Roanoke) at once. It was great, and now I am waiting for the upcoming episodes. But, what can you do if you want to stream The Blacklist season 8 on Netflix, but cannot do so as it is unavailable in your country?

the blacklist season 8 on netflix

I fell in love with The Blacklist after its release eight seasons ago. But, somehow I got bored along the way and never really watched season 4 and 5. But, when I suddenly discovered the sixth season which was really intense, I got the love and joy back, and have been an eager fan once again since then. I don’t especially like the Katarina Rostova idea so much, but I guess I will just have to deal with that since I like the show so much.

But, how can you keep up and stream all this stuff on Netflix? There are new episodes added weekly to Netflix in Hungary, Poland, and in the Czech Republic. But, what if you live in Africa, Asia, America, or somewhere else in Europe?

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Watch The Blacklist season 8 on Netflix

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Later, you can also stream content on Netflix in more than 10 other countries, but right now the most important is for you to be able to watch The Blacklist season 8 on Netflix, so that is where we will start.

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The first episode, Roanoke, gave the new season a fantastic kick-off. Based on a trailer I watched earlier, I expected this season to really challenge the relationship between Raymond and Liz, and if the first episode is about setting the direction, then this is going to be worse than a divorce. But, who knows, maybe things will change?

It all depends on how close Liz will get to Katarina, and also how Dom will effect her in one way or the other. I look forward to the future episodes, but by the time I am writing this article, only the first episode has been released, so I guess I will have to wait before I will know some more.

Have you seen more episodes by the time you are reading this article? I would love to hear your thoughts about the eight season of The Blacklist.

If you have any questions about SurfsharkVPN or need some help along the way, write a comment and I will do my best to help you!

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