Can I use IPVanish with Netflix in 2021?

Do you have a Netflix subscription? Do you have an IPVanish subscription? Can you use a combination of the two at the same time? Will you be able to access Netflix material in other countries with IPVanish? Will you see the proxy and unblocker error message if you connect to an IPVanish server and try to stream content on Netflix? Here you can find the answers you have been looking for!

IPVanish was a leading VPN in the industry for a long time. They have servers in 75 different countries, and their application is easy to use. But, at the same time, it might feel quite complicated. They have lots of servers, and you will quickly realize that some are blocked by different streaming providers and TV networks, while others might not be blocked. In order to discover the full truth about IPVanish, you will have to connect to every single server in their registry, something that will take you hours and maybe even days.

ipvanish and netflix

As a result, what I am about to write might not cover the full truth, as I haven’t had the patience to connect to all of their servers. But, I will still share my insight which I believe will help you find out an almost complete truth about the relationship between IPVanish and Netflix. Are you ready to go?

IPVanish and Netflix – what is the truth?

Based on my tests, I can conclude with the following.

IPVanish will not really give you the proxy and unblocker error message.

That might sound like a good thing, and it is. But, it doesn’t really cover the full truth. It was, sometimes during the summer of 2020, that Netflix introduced a new policy against VPN services. Instead of blocking them, they have simply added their IP addresses to a list of “known” addresses.

When you come knocking at the Netflix door, they will immediately recognize you using one such IP address. So, instead of welcoming you to the real Netflix catalog, they have this guest room waiting for you. In the guest room, all you will be able to find is the Netflix original content available to all Netflix users, no matter where they might be in the world.

This can sometimes be hard to discover, because the site works, and you do not receive any error messages. The interior looks all the same, but don’t be fooled – you are in a guest room with only a limited amount of content available.

This is what will happen if you connect to all sorts of IPVanish servers worldwide and try to stream Netflix content. Of course, you might meet the proxy and unblocker error message as well, but you are more likely to just be directed towards the guest room!

IPVanish works with American Netflix

During my tests, I did manage to watch the actual content of American Netflix, and not only the “guest room” content. In other words, you can use IPVanish to stream the actual content of American Netflix. This comes as a nice bonus, considering that this is the most popular Netflix region with more content than any other country.

I can watch American Netflix with IPVanish
I can watch American Netflix with IPVanish

So, if all you want is some encryption and access to American Netflix, this VPN provider might actually get the job done for you.

Visit the IPVanish website

Click the button to visit the IPVanish website and to take advantage of their seasonal VPN sale. They have servers in more than 75 countries, and they have no bandwidth limitations at all. It also works with several other streaming services and TV networks.

IPVanish is blocked in most other countries

To be honest, IPVanish might work in some more countries, and if you want the 100% truth, I guess their customer service might help you out. But, it is really complicated to discover on your own, and knowing that IPVanish hasn’t really refreshed their list of servers in years, I have a strong feeling that all their servers will be well-known by Netflix, and thus, blocked, or only giving you access to the guest-room content of Netflix. Feel free to give it a try and to look around, but I have my doubts.

If you know of other countries in which IPVanish can be used to actually unblock the local Netflix content, please write a comment and let me know about it!

If you want access to even more Netflix countries, you should probably consider using a different VPN. You can read more about VPN services working with Netflix by clicking the link. If you want to learn more about IPVanish as a VPN provider, take a look at the following IPVanish review.

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