Denial is finally here on Netflix

denial on netflixIs it really a fact that Holocaust happened? In Denial the historian Deborah E. Lipstadt has to prove it, as David Irving, a renowned denier, sues her for libel.

Denial currently has a 6,6/10 score on iMDB, while it has a 70% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes. It is though interesting to notice that the critics score on Rotten Tomatoes is higher than the audience score (normally it works the opposite way).

The main characters in the movie is played by Rachel Weisz, Tom Wilkinson and Timothy Spall.

Even though you might not be so interested in the subject, this is an interesting movie. And it is very interesting that there are so many things we believe, that we have no real proof of. We simply believe in them. Most of us are like that with Holocaust as well, so what would happen if we really had to defend everything we claim to believe in. Would all end up true?

Want to watch Denial on Netflix? This is how and where to do so!

Denial on Netflix

At the moment you can watch Denial in one single Netflix region:

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