Watch Queen of the South season 1 on Netflix

watch queen of the south on netflixQueen of the South is a production from USA Network that was broadcasted in 2016. It shows us a world in which not only men work as drug lords, but women as well!

In Queen of the South we meet Teresa Mendoza (Alice Braga), a lady who has to flee the country. With all her knowledge, she is a big danger to the drug leaders, and that is why they want her killed. In her new location, she ends up together with Camila Vargas (played by Veronica Falcon), and together they do their best to make the best of the situation. This might not be on the list of the best TV series in the world, but it sure looks good, and if you want to know more about it, take a look at the trailer beneath.

The first season of Queen of the South consist of 13 episodes. The first episode was aired in June 2017, while the season finale was aired on September 15th in 2016. Now you can watch all 13 episodes on Netflix.

Watch Queen of the South on Netflix

Currently there is one Netflix region in which you can stream the full first season of Queen of the South. That region is US Netflix, and if you want to get access to that region, follow these instructions. It is very easy, and if you follow those instructions, you can also get access to lots of other Netflix regions at the same time, giving you even more value for your Netflix subscription.

At iMDB Queen of the South has a 7,5/10 score, which is fairly good. On Rotten Tomatoes it has a fantastic 89% audience score, meaning that the audience really love this show. Haven’t watched it yet? Why don’t you sit down to watch the first season on Netflix right away?

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