Are all VPN services blocked by Netflix?

I have heard a lot about using a VPN to access other Netflix regions than my own. But, as far as I know all VPN services are blocked by Netflix. Is that so?

Thank you for that brilliant question. Since January 6th in 2016 the world in which changing your Netflix region was something that could be done easily. It didn’t happen overnight, but within the following half year Netflix blocked thousands of IP addresses used by SmartDNS and VPN provider. As a result it was almost impossible to find VPN services that could be used for those who wanted to access some other Netflix region. But, were absolutely all options blocked by Netflix? The answer is NO!

Are all VPN providers blocked by Netflix
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There are still VPN services working with Netflix!

In the good old days you could use any VPN service and simply connect to a server in another nation. Once you were connected, you could visit Netflix again and enjoy the content of that nation. Now it is way harder. There are still working options, but it is working differently no matter what. A VPN provider might have 100 servers in the United States, but most likely at least 90 of those are blocked by Netflix. For that reason finding VPN services that work with Netflix is quite hard and it requires you to have multiple VPN subscriptions and a lot of time. Finding the VPN provider and the right servers that actually work with the region you are interested in can be a much harder job than you expected. But, once you have found the solution, then it is very easy!

How to find the VPN services working with Netflix?

You can go ahead and look around for yourself, but a much more convenient option is to look around here at I am working with this and updated it almost daily. For that reason you can find updated articles with information on how you can get access to different Netflix regions such as US Netflix, Canadian Netflix, German Netflix, Canadian Netflix UK Netflix and even some other regions. Just read the articles and you will find out which VPN provider will be the one you need, and I will even tell you which servers you need to connect to. If you should have further trouble, then the customer services of those VPN providers are always eager to help you out!

Please tell me – Which VPN provider works with Netflix?

There is no right answer to that question, as one VPN provider does not work overall in general with all Netflix regions. I will therefore not write down any specific information in this article (as that will only give me one more article that I have to update all the time), but instead I suggest that you go to the front page of this site where you can find the updated information on how to get access to some of the most popular Netflix regions out there!


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