You can now stream Gold on Netflix

We live in a time when people lose faith in banks and paper money, while cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and gold grow in value. What better to do in these days than to stream Gold on Netflix?

Gold is a movie from 2016 starting Matthew McConaughey. We have seen Matthew in lots of interesting roles in the recent years, and yet again he is doing a fantastic job. Maybe his most spectacular role in recent time was in Dallas Buyers Club, for which he even won an Oscar award, if I remember correctly. Right now you can watch Matthew McConaughey in theaters all around the world in the movie The Dark Tower, but you should probably watch Gold instead. The Dark Tower isn’t a film worth wasting your time at.

Watch Gold on Netflix

In Gold, he plays Kenny Wells, a guy desperate to get a good gig. He travels into the jungle looking for gold. After lots of hard work he succeeds, and he becomes a rich. But, lots of people want to grab a hold of his gold and his fortune. Can Kenny Wells keep his mind and money, or is he about to go crazy?

Would you like to stream Gold on Netflix? As of August 17th 2017 it can be done.

Watch Gold on Netflix

In August 2017 Gold was released in one single Netflix region, on American Netflix (that is, on US Netflix). If you have access to American Netflix you can stream it right away. Are you living somewhere else? You should still get access to US Netflix, because with it you can now also stream Sing, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, and lots of other fantastic movies.

I expect Gold to be released in more Netflix regions in the future. I will update this article whenever that happens, but until then, go ahead and stream Gold on US Netflix.

How did you like Gold?

At the Internet Movie Database (IMDb), the film has a score of 6,7/10. That is an average rating, nothing extraordinary at all. If the score at IMDb was low, then the Rotten Tomatoes score is even worse. The critics score at Rotten Tomatoes is 43%, while the general audience is a bit more positive and it has a 46% audience score. Not to positive numbers. What do you think?


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