Can I watch The Exception on Netflix?

Do you like historical movies from the Second World War? The Exception might not be true to history, but it is still a movie worth watching.

The Exception is a movie that has received mostly good critics online. At Rotten Tomaotes it has a 78% Critics Score. I should, however, mention that it only has a 68% audience score. At IMDb the score is 6,8/10, meaning quite similar to the audience score at Rotten Tomatoes.

The Exception on Netflix

In The Exception, we meet Jai Courtney playing the role as the German Captain Stefan Brandt. He is sent to the house of Kaiser Wilhelm II (Christopher Plummer) to find out if the house is infiltrated by a British spy, something they suspect. The task is made harder when he meets the beautiful maid of the house, Mieke de Jong, played by Lily James. I remember Lily James from her role as Cinderella, a movie in which she was absolutely gorgeous. She looks lovely in this movie as well, but not as beautiful as in Cinderella.

A love story starts as Captain Brandt and Mieke meets, and it evolves as the story intensifies. Who is the spy in the city? Will it cause trouble that Mieke is a Jewish girl?

Would you like to watch The Exception on Netflix?

You can not stream The Exception on Netflix yet. The movie from 2016 should arrive at the number one streaming portal in the world within shortly, but it isn’t there yet. I will update this article as soon as the movie arrives, and I will, of course, tell you in which Netflix region the film can be streamed.

Have you seen The Exception?

Did you go to the cinema to watch The Exception? Or have you watched it on DVD, or maybe on Netflix? How did you like it? Please write a comment to let me know.

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