The Good Place season 1 is now on Netflix

The Good Place on NetflixCan you imagine ending up in heaven by a mistake as you were mistaken for somebody else? Watch The Good Place season 1 on Netflix and find out what it’s like.

I remember writing articles about TV programs coming to NBC in the autumn of 2016. One of the TV programs I mentioned was The Good Place. After watching the trailer I got interested, and as a result, I watched the entire first season on NBC as the episodes were aired. It did not become a new ultimate favorite, but I enjoyed the roles of Kirsten Bell and Ted Danson. Kristen Bell plays the girl who comes to heaven as a mistake, and Ted Danson plays the architect of heaven, who does his uttermost to make everything right.

The Good Place is a very nice comedy, suitable for everyone, without any violence, sex or harm. It is not a coincidence that NBC renewed the series for a second season which will start airing on NBC this autumn (autumn of 2017).

Watch The Good Place on Netflix

Would you like to stream the first season of The Good Place on Netflix? It can be done as of August 23rd in 2017. The only region in which it can be done is American Netflix. For those living elsewhere, please follow these instructions in order to get access to American Netflix all across the world.

The Good Place will probably come to even more Netflix regions in the near future, but as of now the only region in which it can be streamed is American Netflix.

Have you seen The Good Place already, or are you planning to watch it on Netflix? Have you seen your first episode already? How did you like it? Why don’t you take a minute to write a comment and tell me what you think?

Should you bump into any trouble as you try to stream The Good Place on Netflix, please use the comment field and I will do my uttermost to help.

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