Can I watch Netflix with PureVPN in 2021? Is PureVPN good for unblocking Netflix?

PureVPN is a popular VPN. It was located in Hong Kong for a long time, but due to the Chinese take-over of Hong Kong, they are in the process of moving to a place in which they can protect themselves and the anonymity of their customers in a better way. But, what’s up with PureVPN and Netflix? Can you and I use PureVPN to unblock Netflix? Will you get VPN error messages all the time if you use PureVPN? Or can this VPN actually help you stream Netflix content securely and maybe even give you access to content available in other countries?

PureVPN launched their brand new Windows client in late 2020. The new VPN client looks really nice, but they have removed a dear feature from the old client which was “popular websites.” There you could simply pick a streaming service that you were interested in, and the application would automatically connect to a PureVPN server working with that server. But, that has now been removed, and we are left with the chance to choose which country we are interested in.

purevpn for windows
PureVPN for Windows.

PureVPN also has applications for iOS, Android, Android TV, Macintosh, and FireTV, making it easy to use on all your platforms. It is also useful to know that one subscription can be used on multiple devices simultaneously.

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If you want to try PureVPN and visit their website, click the button above. They have a 31-day money-back guarantee, so you can ask for your money back if you don’t like the service.

But, is PureVPN really good with Netflix?

I have information claiming that PureVPN should be working with Netflix in, at least, seven countries. Based on that information, I decided to simply connect to some of their servers in those countries to see if it is really so.


PureVPN and German Netflix

To test whether or not PureVPN can be used with German Netflix, I simply connected to a PureVPN server in Germany and went to It took a few seconds for the connection to be made, and as I visited the Netflix website, I could see the most popular content in Germany. I tried to stream “He’s Just Not That Into You“, and it worked properly.

Conclusion: PureVPN can be used to stream content on German Netflix.

german netflix

PureVPN and American Netflix

American Netflix is the most popular Netflix country/region. It is because there are more movies and TV series available here than anywhere else, and simply because it is the home country of Netflix. There are lots of VPN providers on the market, and if there is one region they give access to, it is this one. So, I would be surprised if PureVPN didn’t give access to US Netflix.

I quickly connected to a server in the USA to give it a try, and it went as I expected – I was able to stream Borgias on Netflix (and all the other content available on US Netflix) with PureVPN. However, I also experienced that some servers are blocked, giving you access to only the “Netflix original content version of Netflix.” When that happened, I simply connected to a different server, and then it worked properly again.

Conclusion: PureVPN works with American Netflix. Not all their servers work properly, so you might have to connect to a few servers to see the actual content of American Netflix and not just the “limited” version.

watching borgias on Netflix

PureVPN and UK Netflix

What about UK Netflix? I quickly connected to a PureVPN server in the UK. If your Netflix subscription is registered in an EU country, you will face some trouble here due to EU regulations. Even if you use a VPN and connect to a different EU country, you will see the content of your home country, as EU wants you to be stream your home content whenever you travel within the EU. So, this is troublesome. The result is to register your Netflix account outside the EU if this is a problem for you, and then you can suddenly get access to the different Netflix content also within the EU when you use a VPN working with that given country. You can read more about how to change your Netflix region within the EU here.

But, can PureVPN be used with UK Netflix? So I connected to a server in the UK and went to In the UK, people were given immediate access to the brand new episodes of the final season of the US Network series named Suits, so I wanted to check if it is still there and working. Guess what? It worked on my first attempt!

Conclusion: PureVPN can be used to stream UK Netflix as well.

suits on netflix with purevpn

PureVPN and French Netflix

French Netflix is another great place for French content and also some other popular series like Poldark and more. But, can I connect to a French server with PureVPN and simply get access to the content on Netflix in France? I gave it a try and I, of course, try to stream an episode from the newest season of the popular series Poldark. Did it work?

Of course it did. And if I were a real freak for such shows, I could go ahead and stream the newest season of Outlander as well.

Conclusion: PureVPN gives access to French Netflix easily!

poldark on netflix with purevpn

PureVPN and Japanese Netflix

Recently, I have discovered that hundreds of thousands of people want access to Japanese Netflix, simply because of all the anime content available. That is why I have written lots of articles on such topics as well recently here at But, will PureVPN serve those people well who would love to stream Cells at Work, Haikyu, Sword Art Online, Jujutsu Kaisen and other content available on Japanese Netflix only abroad?

Conclusion: I seem to remember that it didn’t work for me a few weeks ago, but as I did the testing right now, I was given immediate access to the content on Netflix in Japan and I could stream Jujutsu Kaisen and other content at once.

jujutsu kaisen on netflix

PureVPN and Canadian Netflix

I am a big fan of Canadian Netflix. This has for a long time been a country in which they give access to the Hollywood blockbusters way earlier than they do in other countries. However, due to COVID-19, there hasn’t really been released any Hollywood blockbusters in the last year, so this has quieted down a bit. But, there are still awesome movies and TV series available on Canadian Netflix, for example the FOX series Lethal Weapon. Can I stream this on Netflix in Canada using PureVPN?

I connected to a server in Quebec (first attempt) and visit But, I was only shown the Netflix original content and not the actual content of Canadian Netflix. I connected to one more server in Canada (Toronto), but once again, I could only see the original Netflix content. The final PureVPN server in Canada is in Vancouver, so I tried it as well. It didn’t work either.

Conclusion: I was unable to stream the actual content of Canadian Netflix with PureVPN, no matter which server I connected to. It might be a temporary error, so a good idea would be to contact their customer support for more information.

netflix content only

PureVPN and Australian Netflix

The final country which I was “promised” that PureVPN should work with was Australia. In other words, if I connect to a PureVPN server in Australia, I should be able to stream all the goodies available to the people Down Under on Netflix. Is that really so?

I discovered PureVPN servers in four cities in Australia and connected to the one with the best response time (ping). I even checked my IP address (for fun) and could see at once that I received an Australian IP address which is needed to stream Australian Netflix abroad. But, will the server be blocked? Will I see the “Netflix original content” only version of Netflix, or will I be able to see the actual content of Australian Netflix?

The page loaded and I could see some content that definitely doesn’t belong in the Netflix original content only category. So, I tried to stream an episode of The Office, the popular NBC series starring Steve Carrell, John Krasinski, and several others.

Conclusion: PureVPN has no trouble unblocking Australian Netflix.

the office on australian netflix

Would you like to give PureVPN a try? A quick wrap-up!

I was able to stream content on Netflix in six different countries with PureVPN, and I have a feeling that they will fix the Canadian Netflix problem as well quickly. And even more, there might be more countries working. So, why not connect to server in Italy, Mexico, India, and so to give it a try. YOu might discover that PureVPN gives access to Netflix content in even more countries.

The connection is quick, meaning that it is ideal for streaming, so that comes as a positive.

Visit PureVPN website(and enjoy Netflix in different regions)

Click the button above to visit the PureVPN website and to give the service a try. If you want to know even more about PureVPN, you can also take a look at the following review.

You can also use PureVPN with other streaming services like Hulu, Disney+, PeacockTV and more, meaning that you will get access to much more than just content in different Netflix libraries.

Have you tested PureVPN yourself? Are you satisfied? I would love to hear your thoughts and to read your comments.

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