How to change your Netflix region inside the EU when your account is registered in an EU country?

Have you ever tried to access Netflix content in a different country? Did you succeed? Maybe you have read articles about awesome content available on Netflix in the UK, and also about a VPN provider that will help you access the content. You have followed all the instructions, and everything should be perfect… but the only thing you see is the content of your own Netflix country? What is wrong? And how to fix it?

The European Union is doing its uttermost to help people with all sorts of things. One of the things they have done is to force streaming providers to make the subscriptions of its users available as they travel within the EU. As a result, if you live in Sweden and own a Netflix subscription, you can travel within the EU and use your Swedish Netflix subscription without trouble.

Change Netflix region within the EU
How to access the real content of the EU country you are in (or accessing using a VPN)?

Earlier, however, you would be able to use your Swedish Netflix subscription all across Europe, but you would always get access to the Netflix content of the nation you were in. So, when you traveled to Italy, you would necessarily see the content available on Italian Netflix (even if your Netflix account is registered in Sweden). And if you live in France and have a French-registered Netflix account, you will now always see the content of French Netflix, no matter where you travel within the European Union.

Maybe you consider this to be great, but if your goal is to watch content available in other EU countries, it is a bad thing. So, what can you do to fix it?

How to make Netflix content in other EU countries available?

Here at, we have articles dealing with how to stream UK Netflix abroad, how to watch Dutch Netflix, how to watch Italian Netflix, how to watch French Netflix, and so much more available. But, unless you follow the instructions right here, those articles will not really help you (if your current Netflix subscription is registered within the EU).

Don’t be overwhelmed by the instructions. It is really easy, and it will actually save you lots of money. This is what you need to do!

  • Start by purchasing a VPN subscription to ExpressVPN.
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ExpressVPN is the fastest VPN provider on the market. They will give you a great discount if you sign up after clicking the button above (3-months for free), and they come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you don’t like it, simply ask for your money back. It is also worth knowing that one subscription can be used on five devices at the same time.

  • Follow the instructions and download and install the ExpressVPN application on your device(s).
  • Run the application and connect to a server in Brazil.
  • Log out from your current Netflix account.
  • Create a brand new Netflix account.

This will save you a lot of money!
When you create a new Netflix account in Brazil, you will quickly notice that there is a major price difference. While a 4-screen subscription only costs 45,9 BRL (which is less than 10 Euro) in Brazil, the price for the same subscription in Germany is 16 Euro. As a result, you can save as much as 6 Euro per month by following these instructions!

  • When your new Netflix account has been made, use ExpressVPN and connect to servers in the UK, in France, in Germany, in Italy, and in the Netherlands. You can now stream content available on Netflix in these countries!
  • And it is probably wise to cancel your previous Netflix subscription registered in the EU.

Do you want to read through this and maybe see the instructions in a more visual way? Check the following YouTube video containing instructions on how to change your Netflix region within the EU.

Have you followed the instructions? Or have you just read through the article, without doing anything yet? It is time to purchase an ExpressVPN subscription and to get started!

Visit the ExpressVPN website
ExpressVPN is a British Virgin Islands-based VPN provider. They have a strict no-logging policy, and they support the highest levels of encryption. Their VPN service can be used to unblock Netflix in somewhere between 8 and 10 different countries, and it can also be used to stream Amazon Prime content, Hulu, NBC, CBS, Fox, BBC, ITV, ARD, ZDF, Rai Italy, Tenplay, and lots of other streaming services worldwide.

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Do not forget, if you purchase a 12-months subscription after clicking the button above, you will get 3 additional months for free. And if you actually follow these instructions, you will save so much money on your Netflix subscription, that you will not pay more in total using ExpressVPN than you did earlier only for your Netflix subscription!

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  1. Is this still accurate? I contacted Express vpn and they said Netflix determines your EU country through your billing information

    1. The last time I checked it, it worked 🙂 It is easy to find out… keep your current subscription, but use a VPN, use a different browser (or use incognito mode) and follow the instructions here to try to get a Netflix subscription in a different country. 🙂 I might even try it myself once again, you just made me curious!

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