Is IvacyVPN good for Netflix? Which countries is supported by IvacyVPN?

There is something brilliant about securing yourself online and at the same time taking advantage of the tool you are using in order to watch even more content on Netflix. That is what people are doing with their VPN subscriptions, at least when it is possible. Some VPN providers will secure you online, but they are all blocked by Netflix. But, what’s up with IvacyVPN? Is this a good VPN for those who want to safe securely and access Netflix content in different countries at the same time?

I have just purchased an IvacyVPN subscription in order to test it with Netflix and with other streaming services. If you want to give it a try as well, click the button below to visit their website.

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IvacyVPN has some brilliant prices and they protect you with their full refund policy. But, do not forget to read through the article before you proceed, in order to discover whether or not this truly is a VPN for you!


IvacyVPN and their Netflix promise

As I visited the IvacyVPN website, I could see a picture telling me that they would help me unblock Netflix in the USA, Canada, the UK, Germany, France, Japan, and Australia.

ivacyvpn unblocking netflix

Based on the promise from their website, I decided to test this to see if it is actually working.

This can sometimes be a little tricky, because Netflix will from time to time let you stream content on the platform, even if your VPN is “blocked.” In such situations, you will only see a Netflix original content version of Netflix, and not with all the local content available. That is why I always searched for content I knew specifically to be available in that given country if I had doubts about whether I was looking at the true content of a region, or only the Netflix original limited content version.

So, time to get started and here you have the results!


IvacyVPN and American Netflix

Most people dream of access to the United States. There is something glorious about the United States, at least in the minds of most people. That is why this is the number one country and most search for when it comes to accessing Netflix content in another country. It is also important that Netflix was created in the USA and the biggest library of movies and TV shows is available. So, what better place to watch brilliant content than on Netflix in the USA.

But, will IvacyVPN help you stream US Netflix? Yes! It is super simply. Upon my first try, that is, as I connected to a server in the USA, I was immediately given access to the content as you can see below, and I was able to stream the content without any proxy and unblocker error message or other annoying stuff.

us netflix with ivacyvpn

Conclusion: IvacyVPN is brilliant for American Netflix.


IvacyVPN and German Netflix

German Netflix is an interesting place where you can stream some exciting content that cannot be found elsewhere. Currently, you can stream the Maze Runner movies there, and they cannot be seen elsewhere. Of course, they might be removed before you get to it, but that is just an example of Hollywood content available on Netflix in Germany, but not anywhere else. German Netflix is also a brilliant place if you want to watch German content!

As I connected to servers in Germany, I was immediately able to stream the content using IvacyVPN!

baby driver on german netflix with ivacyvpn

Conclusion: IvacyVPN can be used to stream German Netflix abroad with no trouble.


IvacyVPN and French Netflix

According to the promise, I should have been able to stream Poldark and other series on French Netflix using IvacyVPN, but here I actually got to see the VPN error message. I tried to test with several servers, but nothing was able to get me out of this ditch. In other words, it didn’t work for me.

Of course, this might have been a temporary error and if you try in a week from now, it might be perfect. But still, I had no success streaming French Netflix using IvacyVPN.

netflix france not working with ivacyvpn

Conclusion: I had no luck streaming French Netflix with IvacyVPN. Looking for a VPN that works with French Netflix? Check this article.


IvacyVPN and UK Netflix

UK Netflix is a great place for TV series and movies, and I have frequently used this to access content I am unable to stream elsewhere. If you live within the EU, it is important to know that changing your Netflix country within the EU is complicated due to EU regulations, so make sure to read this if your Netflix subscription is registered in an EU country.

But, what’s up with IvacyVPN and UK Netflix? Unfortunately, there isn’t much good to say. I could only stream the Netflix original content, meaning that the VPN is detected and that I cannot see any of the actual home content of UK Netflix with this VPN.

uk netflix not working ivacyVPN.

Conclusion: I did not succeed as I wanted to stream UK Netflix content with IvacyVPN. If you need a VPN that will get the job done, check this article.


IvacyVPN and Canadian Netflix

I was curious to see whether or not I could use IvacyVPN to stream the content on Canadian Netflix. Well, the truth is, I was able to do so, but only with one out of four servers in Canada. As a result, I was presented with the Netflix original content only version of Netflix three times, and only in my last attempt, was I able to stream the actual content of Canadian Netflix.

How did I discover the difference? I know that the FOX series Lethal Weapon can only be streamed on Netflix in Canada. As a result, I searched for it, and it was only with one of the IvacyVPN servers in Canada that I was able to actually find it and to stream it.

canadian netflix ivacyvpn

Conclusion: IvacyVPN can be used with Canadian Netflix, but you might have to try all their servers before you find the one actually giving access to the content.


IvacyVPN and Japanese Netflix

I didn’t care much about Japanese Netflix for a long time, but then I discovered that this was the first country to show the DC Comics movie Aquaman. Later this was the first country to show the Academy Award winning movie Parasite on Netflix, and it is also the home of hundreds of anime series. No wonder why so many people love it. And the good news is that I could easily stream the content on Japanese Netflix with IvacyVPN.

Conclusion: IvacyVPN is a good solution if you want to stream Japanese Netflix elsewhere in the world.


Australian Netflix with IvacyVPN

While I watched Aquaman on Australian Netflix, I remember streaming a different DC Comics movies on Australian Netflix, Justice League. It might not have been the best movie, but after the terrible Batman v Superman, everything felt refreshing. So, there are some awesome movies and lots of great Australian content available on Netflix in Australia. And the good news is that IvacyVPN can help you stream all of it. I had no trouble in the process, so that is great news for both me and you and everyone else who would like to watch Australian Netflix abroad.

line of duty on australian Netflix

Conclusion: IvacyVPN can easily give you access to Australian Netflix.


IvacyVPN and Netflix – a short wrap-up

If you have read through the article, you already know it all. If you have only scrolled through the articles, you still have had the chance to see the different conclusions, which should give you a clear picture in your mind about whether or not IvacyVPN is a good solution for you.

To be honest, there are some VPN providers that might be even better for Netflix, but the results here are actually quite good. You can easily stream Netflix content in quite some countries using this VPN, even though it might be a bit annoying when you have to connect to several servers in Canada in order to find the one actually working. A built-in DNS solultion like HybridDNS with Unlocator, VyprDNS with VyprVPN, and something like the one used by SurfsharkVPN could have been nice. But, still – this is actually fairly good. It should also be taken into consideration that IvacyVPN is a very cheap VPN, much cheaper than most others on the market!

Would you like to try IvacyVPN? Click the button below to get a nice discount.

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There are several good seasonal discounts available right now. They also have a full refund policy available in case you don’t like the product, or if you simply want to cancel your subscription.

I have tried to help you all with this article. I have taken a look at the promise of IvacyVPN and seen whether or not it is true. It isn’t entirely true, based on my experience, but in general, most the promised countries seem to work.

I hope you have found this to be useful. If you have any comments or questions, or if you would like to share your own experience with IvacyVPN, please use the comment field below!

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