Can I watch Divergent on Netflix?

The story in Divergent is quite similar to lots of other action films, but still this is a film that you might find both amusing and entertaining. Divergent has received mixed critics and has a 40% score on Rotten Tomatoes and a 6,5/10 score on IMDB. But, can I watch Divergent on Netflix?

Divergent on netflix

By the time you actually read this article things may have changed, but at the moment the answer is yes. It is possible to watch Divergent on Netflix and if you want to do so then you can watch Divergent on Netflix in Spain. But, what can I do since I am located somewhere else? Luckily it is easy to switch between different Netflix regions, and you can read more about how you can easily enjoy the content on all Netflix regions with only one Netflix subscription in this article.

Divergent on Netflix

Since originally writing this article Divergent can also be seen on Netflix in Japan and in Italy.

More about Divergent

In Divergent the society wants everyone to be happy in their given task and everyone must find their place in society. But, there are some people who do not fit in, someone who are simply different. These of course meet up and stand together, but the leaders of society consider them a big threat and wants to get them out of the game. That is the basic story of Divergent, and if you want to know more about the film then you can either watch the trailer beneath, or go ahead and watch it on Netflix right away.

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You can watch Insurgent on if you want to watch the follow up film which is not available on Netflix yet.

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