Enjoy a nice Fireplace on Netflix

Not long ago Netflix launched Jessica Jones and also released the Ridiculous 6 on Netflix. Now they launched another great film, the Fireplace! What is this about? It is a simple movie lasting a bit more than one hour, and during that one hour you will watch a live fireplace with real crackling sounds.

It is very nice to take a look at this meaning that even if you live in the smallest flat somewhere without a real fireplace, you can still log on to Netflix and watch  a real fireplace with real crackling sounds. It is available in all Netflix regions and you can even choose if you want to watch the fireplace with Christmas music included, or if you only want to enjoy the crackling sounds.

Fire on Netflix

There are several fireplace versions available and my favorite is probably the fireplace with birchwood and all its crackling sounds.

I wish you all a merry Christmas and if you want to some advises for Christmas films to watch on Netflix then I recommend that you read my following article on that subject!

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