Is there a free vpn for ITV player?

So you are located abroad and want to watch ITV Player? Is there a free VPN for ITV Player available? Here comes the answer.

We all love things in the world which are free. And yes, there might be websites and services that promise to give you access to ITV for free, but you better be aware of the consequences using such services. If a VPN service gives you access to ITV Player for free they are somehow behaving like this:

“We give you a VPN for free, you only have to pay us by giving us something else.”

Hola is one of the most famous examples of such a service. It is free, but when you use it it can be used to spy on you, steal confidential information and harm your computer and device in several ways. Yes, it is free – but it might have a high price still. You can read more on the harm such a tool can do at this website.


That is why the general person dealing with free VPN services vs VPN services you pay for normally would say that it is not worth the risk using a free VPN to watch ITV Player or other services online. The price for the other VPN services are so low, that you will do much better using such a service actually to watch ITV Player online.

So I should not use a free VPN to watch ITV player abroad?

If you find a free VPN then feel free to use it, but I would personally never use it. Instead you should try for example the services of either Unlocator (which can be used for free for seven days) or sign up for another VPN provider and use their money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

Have you got any personal experience on this subject? Have you ever used a free VPN to watch ITV? Do you suffer from the consequences?  Please share your experiences!