IvacyVPN with ITV HUB – Does it work?

Looking for a cheap VPN that will help you stream ITV Hub content abroad? IvacyVPN is one of the cheapest VPNs available, but will it help you stream Deep Water, X Factor, Miss Marple, and other ITV shows online when residing outside the UK?

I am currently in a big process of testing IvacyVPN. Not only have I taken a look at the speeds of the VPN service or at the look and the design of their applications. I have also tried to find out whether this is a good VPN for actually unblocking streaming services like Netflix, Tenplay, CBS All Access, Amazon Prime, and several other networks and services. And what is the truth?

I have also tested IvacyVPN with BBC iPlayer, and I have got to say that it worked properly, and I could easily stream BBC abroad with IvacyVPN. But, what about ITV?

ivacyvpn with itv

IvacyVPN and ITV

I will make this very quick! So, I connected to different VPN servers in the UK in order to see whether or not IvacyVPN can be used to watch ITV, BBC, and UK Netflix. I was successful in streaming BBC iPlayer, but I was unable to watch both UK Netflix and ITV using the services and servers of IvacyVPN.

error message due to vpn usage

Above you can see the error message I could see as I tried to stream ITV abroad using the VPN services of IvacyVPN. It doesn’t say that it is because of the VPN, but the VPN is what is actually causing this error to show up.

In other words, if you want to stream ITV abroad, find a different VPN, and do not use ITV. Would you like some good suggestions for what VPN to use in order to stream ITV abroad? Take a look at itv.fromabroad.org to find working solutions!

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