Can I stream ITV Hub abroad on Android and Windows with ExpressVPN?

Would you like to stream a fantastic show on ITV outside the UK? Have you tried to use some sort of a VPN to access ITVabroad, or have you just realised that you are unable to actually watch ITV abroad? Is there any solution to this problem? Can ExpressVPN, one of the most popular VPN services in the world, help you stream the content on ITV abroad? And what about watch ITV on your Android device outside the UK? Can ExpressVPN be used on both telephones and tablets and computers? Here you will find all the answers you have been looking for!

ExpressVPN is one of my favorite VPN services and one of the best for unblocking TV channels and streaming services in general. But, what’s up with ExpressVPN when it comes to ITV? Can it be used to stream ITV abroad?

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Streaming ITV abroad with ExpressVPN – My experience

First, I had to get myself an ExpressVPN subscription. Or to be honest, I actually had one already, so it was easy to give this all a try. But, how did I succeed?

The first step in the process was of course to download the ExpressVPN application to my device. That is very easy, and to test this properly, I installed the application both on my Android device and on my Windows computer.

The application is easy to use and very easy to undestand. Inside the application, I connected to a server in the UK in order to get a UK IP address which is needed to stream ITV abroad,

To watch ITV on your Android device, you also need the ITV Hub application installed. If you want more information on how this works and how to find it (if you cannot find it in the Google Play Store), check the following article.

You need to register an ITV Hub user

To stream ITV online, you need to register an ITV user. That is completely free, but make sure to register with a UK ZIP code to make it work properly.

It is possible to get ITV Hub+ subscription, but that isn’t really necessary unless you are a hardcore ITV fan.

ITV with ExpressVPN in Windows

So I am connected to an ExpressVPN server using the application for Windows. Now I visit and find all the programs available at the ITV website. It is working properly and I have no trouble streaming at all. What do I mean?

Conclusion: Using ExpressVPN to stream ITV abroad on a computer (Macintosh/Windows) is supereasy!

Here you can see a screenshot of me streaming The Pembrokeshire Murders on ITV using ExpressVPN.

watching itv abroad expressvpn
I am streaming The Pembrokeshire Murders on ITV with ExpressVPN on my Windows computer.

Once again, it is really easy to watch ITV with ExpressVPN on a computer.

What about streaming ITV abroad on an Android device with ExpressVPN?

History has told us several times that it is harder to stream ITV on Android devices than on computers. Some VPN providers have been able to access and watch ITV abroad on computers, without supporting the ITV Hub on Android devices. That is why I was very curious to find out the truth about ExpressVPN.

At first, I thought it wouldn’t work…. but I logged in with my ITV user, started to stream, and I was able to stream several episodes of Bay on my Android device.

Conclusion: ExpressVPN currently allows you to stream ITV abroad on your Android device as well. And based on this, it should also work on iOS devices!

ITV and ExpressVPN – the final conclusion

ExpressVPN is a fantastic VPN for unblocking streaming services and TV networks. That is why you can use it to watch Netflix content in eight different countries, to stream the content available for free at and at the NBC streaming service named PeacockTV, to stream CBS and CBS All Access, to watch Amazon Prime abroad, and to access so much content on other TV stations and platforms.


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I hope you have found these answers to be useful. If you have any further questions or some comments, please use the comment field below.