Can I watch ITV abroad with IPvanish? Is this VPN working with ITV in Windows, Android, Mac, iOS?

Are you looking for a VPN that will help you stream ITV abroad? Do you have an IPVanish subscription and wonder if it will get the job done or not? Or are you just looking for any VPN service that will help you watch X-Factor and all those other ITV shows you love so much, also when traveling outside the United Kingdom?

You will quickly notice that ITV is unavailable abroad. There will be lots of error messages showing up if you try to stream those programs in the rest of Europe or on some other continent. But, maybe you have heard rumors about how you can change your IP address using a VPN, and thus, manipulate the ITV website into believing that you are in the UK, even though you are enjoying life on a beach in Hawaii?

So, that leads us the question of the hour: Can IPVanish or any other VPN help you stream ITV abroad?

First of all, IPVanish is a famous VPN provider with servers in more than 75 countries. They have been around for a decade, but they are not as popular right now as they were a few years ago. But, will their VPN application still help you stream ITV abroad?

ITV has loads of servers, and you can manually decide which to connect to. But, the truth is – they are all blocked by ITV player. How can I know that? If you try to stream ITV abroad with IPVanish, you will see an error message looking something like this:

Oops,  it looks as if there's a problem! ITV Error message.
Oops, it looks as if there’s a problem! ITV Error message.

The image above shows a very common error message at the ITV website. It seems to be harmless, and doesn’t at all accuse your VPN of being the bogeyman, but still – the VPN is causing this error to show up. You can read more about this error message right here.

If you don’t see that message, you might see another error looking something like this.

sorry, the video doesn't exist
Sorry – This video isn’t available right now

Once again, an error message that tells you something else, and do not really disclose the matter of the problem. It might sound as if there is something wrong with the clip or the movie you want to stream, but the VPN in use is causing this error as well.

How to get rid of the errors on ITV abroad?

The solution is not IPVanish, but the solution is to use a VPN not blocked by ITV. There are a couple of solutions, and you can read more about this in general here at

If I should just pick one VPN right now that will help you stream ITV abroad, without bombarding you with error messages and other stuff, then my pick would be PureVPN.

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PureVPN is really easy to use, so just purchase a subscription, download their VPN client, and then connect to a server in the UK. You will then get a UK IP address working with ITV, and you will be able to stream ITV on all your devices!

If you want to know more about PureVPN in general, take a look at the following PureVPN review.

I hope these short instructions will help you watch ITV abroad. If you still have comments, questions, or any other input, please use the comment field below!