Can I stream the Academy Awards on ITV?

The Academy Awards will be held in Los Angeles on February 26th in 2017. Can I stream the event on ITV? Or will it be broadcasted by some other TV company?

The Academy Awards is Christmas eve for the movie industry, and this year everyone expect La La Land to be the lucky movie getting all the Christmas presents (or statues). I certainly hope these predictions will fail, because there are lots of movies I would prefer to La La Land. The question however still remain, can I stream the Academy Awards on ITV? Or where can I watch the event online in England?

Stream the Academy Awards in England

To stream and watch the Academy Awards 2017 you will need a subscription to Sky TV, or that is to Sky Cinema. The Academy Awards will be broadcasted by them, and if you do not have an actual cable subscription, you can still stream the event online on NOW TV. For those located outside the United Kingdom it might be a little bit harder. In the article earlier referred to you will find information on how you can access and stream Sky Cinema, also outside the UK, but if you look for other ways to stream the Oscars 2017 online, the following article written and published in the IP Address Guide can be recommended.

A couple of weeks ago it was time for the Super Bowl, and guess what… it could not be streamed on ITV either. But, back then on February 5th it was not Sky who had the broadcasting rights, but BBC. So, what goodies are left for ITV to stream in the UK? They do have quite a lot of brilliant TV shows on their list, but since they no longer broadcast Champions League matches either, we will probably have to get used to using and streaming content on other TV channels than ITV as well. But, if you want to stream the best of the best matches in the Champions League, in the Europe League and the top football leagues in Europe, then the answer is Fubo TV. You can read more about Fubo TV at