How can I watch ITV in Australia for free?

Are you living in Australia and eager to watch ITV online for free? Did you know that ITV actually is a free TV channel in the UK? So, how can you watch ITV in Australia for free?

ITV has a name that sounds good in the ears of most people. They might not be as famous as BBC in England, but still they have loads of fans all across the world, so also in down under. While Australians have great TV channels like 9 Now, Plus 7 and Tenplay, they might still want to access ITV to watch all their great TV shows as well. But, how can you watch ITV in Australia completely for free?

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How to watch ITV in Australia free?

As I mentioned ITV is by principle completely free. You do not need any subscription and you do not need to pay anything to actually watch their live streams or videos on demand. There is however one slight problem and that is the following.

  • ITV is only available to people in the United Kingdom.

You can visit the ITV website, you can read news on the ITV website (also in Australia), you can create an ITV account (also while in Australia), but the moment you try to actually watch a live stream or a video-on-demand you will get an error message. ITV is by principle free, and ITV is by principle not available to people in Australia (or to people in any other nation outside the UK).

The question is therefore what you can do to access the free ITV streams while in Australia?

To be able to do so you will need to make ITV believe that you are located in England (and not in Australia). This can be done in two different ways.

Method 1 to watch ITV in Australia – Use a VPN

You visit the IPVanish website, sign up for their VPN services, download their client and connect to a server in England. You will then get a UK IP address and will at once be able to watch ITV online in Australia and anywhere else you might be in the world. Visit IPVanish websiteAnd get your desired IP address in seconds

If you give this a try and do not like or, then IPVanish has a seven day full refund policy which gives you to the right to get your money back. Just in case…

Method 2 to watch ITV in Australia – Use a SmartDNS

The second method for those who want to access ITV in Australia is to use the SmartDNS services of Unlocator. This is free to try for seven days. It is a little bit harder to setup than IPVanish, but still it is very easy. You only need to sign up for their services, configure Unlocator on your computer, maybe restart your computer, and you will at once be ready to watch ITV online in Australia and elsewhere.

Unlocator website(and unblock ITV Player right away)

Notice that Unlocator is free to try for seven days, and only after that will you have to pay for their services. The price later is only 5 USD a month and for that price you can also unblock and watch BBC in Australia, watch NBC in Australia, watch CBS in Australia and so much more!