You can’t watch the Summer Olympics on ITV

Summer Olympics on ITVIf you were hoping for the Summer Olympics to be broadcasted on ITV, just like Euro 2016, you will probably be disappointed. The Summer Olympics will be broadcasted by BBC only in the UK.

It has become quite normal for BBC and ITV to share the rights to broadcast big sports events. Earlier we have seen them share the rights to broadcast for example the World Cup in football in 2014 and now also the Euro 2016. But, when the Summer Olympics will start in Brazil, in Rio, on August 5th you will not have to swap between two channels, as only BBC has the rights to broadcast the Summer Olympics in the UK.

If you want to watch the event on BBC, then you can read more on how you can watch the Summer Olympics online on BBC in the following article. There you will also find information on other TV channels broadcasting the event all around the world, so that you can easily decide to watch it somewhere else as well, in case you want to boycott BBC.

Will England perform better than in Rio?

Let us hope that England will perform even better than in London in 2012. Back then the hosting country got a total of 65 medals, whereof 29 were gold medals, 17 silver medals and 19 bronze medals. This time they will not draw the advantage of having a home crowd cheering for them all the time, but they for sure have a strong group of contestants coming in for the Rio Olympics, so we can at least hope.

One of the contestants with most pressure on him is the tennis player Andy Murray who win the single tennis competition during the Summer Olympics in London. And guess what, he comes from England. He is still playing fantastic tennis and he is among the top favorites to win the single competition in Rio as well. But, can he do it?

It should also be mentioned that England got a silver medal in the Mixed Double tennis competition in Rio. Andy Murray was competing again and he was playing together with Laura Robson.

If we take a look a closer look at the medal stats

If we take a look at the medal stats from 2008 we will soon realize that the home crowd helped the English team out a lot. Back in 2008 during the Summer Olympics in Beijing England got a total of 47 medals (18 less than in London), whereof 19 were gold medals, 13 were silver medals and 15 were bronze medals. Totally 302 gold medals were handed out during the Summer Olympics in Beijing, while 301 gold medals were handed out in the Summer Olympics in London.

Will Brazil draw an advantage of the home crowd

Based on this it will be interesting to see whether or not Brazil will draw an advantage of their home crowd. Let us take a look at their medal stats from earlier Summer Olympics, and thus we will have an easy job comparing their earlier performance with this years.

  • In the Summer Olympics in 2008 Brazil got a total of 15 medals. They got 3 gold medals, 4 silver medals and 8 bronze medals.
  • In the Summer Olympics in 2012 Brazil got a total of 17 medals. Again they got 3 gold medals, 5 silver medals and 9 bronze medals.

It seems as if Brazil is very talented at bringing home the silver and bronze medals, while they have a hard time winning those gold medals. However a home crowd might give the Brazilian contestants the plus energy needed to change a bronze or a silver medal to a gold medal, so I will follow the event curiously to see how this will end.

I hope you will have a fantastic time watching the Summer Olympics 2016 online or on your TV screen, and let us cheer for Brazil and England at the same time!