New seasons and episodes coming up

The autumn is just around the corner and with September approaching, so will our favorite TV series return to the screens again.

ITV is a producer of great TV series, but they are not alone about that in Britain, because so is BBC. In fact BBC has been nominated for several Emmy Awards in 2016, especially for their fantastic production named The Night Manager. Now, ITV might not be as good as BBC when it comes to crime series like that, but still ITV is fantastic and that is why September is such a great month when our favorite TV series return to the screens again.

I hope you are well prepared for this, and if you do not know how you can watch your favorite ITV TV series online from abroad, click the link for all the information that you need.

The Emmy Awards will be arranged in Los Angeles on September 18th and it will be one fantastic evening. In addition to The Night Manager another BBC production named Luther is also nominated for a couple of awards. For full information on the nominations and the Emmy Awards visit the official Emmy Awards homepage right here.

The Emmy’s will be broadcasted by ABC in the United States, meaning that it will not be easy to access it from abroad, but if I know of any solution for how you can watch the Emmy Awards online I will do my best to write an article on the subject later.

Until then have a wonderful day and enjoy watching your favorite ITV and BBC series online from all across the world.