Can Beau Dermont win Britain’s Got Talent?

Yesterday was yet another semi-final in Britain’s Got Talent and Beau Dermont seems to go forth as one of the big favorites to win the entire competition.

Britains got talent on itv

But, she is not alone, because there are so many other great performers that have secured themselves a spot in the final, so I am not at all convinced that Beau Dermont will win the entire show. One of last nights surprises was the fact that Vox Fortura did not get a spot in the final, but instead of them some great performers earned themselves a spot there, for example Balance Unity and Boogie Storm.

If you want to watch the Britain’s Got Talent online on the ITV website then you can read more about how it is done right here. And do not forget that soon Euro 2016 is coming up and you can watch about 50% of the matches on the ITV.

We look forward to the Britain’s Got Talent final and hope you will watch it as well. More information about ITV and watching it online can be found here at this site.