The Mindy Project season 5 has arrived

You might know it that I am not the biggest fan of The Mindy Project. If you are a fan then you will, however, be happy to hear that season 5 of The Mindy Project has arrived.

I recently wrote an article on how one can watch Plus 7 in Australia from abroad, and that is when I realized that they actually broadcast The Mindy Project on normal TV in Australia. Lucky people down under, at least if they like The Mindy Project. In Europe, it is a general problem that it is impossible to watch The Mindy Project. It can be seen on Hulu, but since Hulu is available in the US only that becomes kind of hard. Luckily you can access Hulu from abroad, and not long ago I also wrote an article on how you can watch Hulu on Apple TV abroad.


The Mindy Project season 5 arrived on Hulu on October 5th. That is 8 days ago at the moment, and since then one more episode has been released as well. With one new episode coming every week Mindy Project fans have something to look forward to every single week.

What do I watch instead of The Mindy Project?

I am not a big fan, so I have other TV series I look forward to on Hulu instead. I have only seen three episodes so far of Designated Survivor, but that seems to be great. I also like Lethal Weapon, and then there are the old classics like Blindspot and Grey’s Anatomy.

If you have a Hulu subscription you do not need to worry at least. There is always something worth watching.

What are you going to watch on Hulu tonight?

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