When will Prison Break return to Fox?

As you might know Prison Break will return to Fox sometime soon. But, when will the Prison Break premiere be? When can you actually watch Prison Break on Fox again?

The autumn of 2016 has so far been a season for reuniting with old friends. In fact it started much earlier as Full House returned on Netflix early in 2016. Since then our superhero Angus Macgyver has returned to CBS and one should not forget about Roger Murtaugh and Martin Riggs who returned to Fox in Lethal Weapon earlier this autumn.


Luckily Fox has done a much better job with Lethal Weapon compared to Macgyver on CBS. At least I personally like Lethal Weapon much more than I enjoy Macgyver. So, maybe there is hope for Prison Break to become a success as it returns to Fox again? Who knows! I am a skeptic, because it feels very strange that Michael Scofield will return to the screen again. There is however hope for those with good story-writers and a professional crew, so there is hope. So, when will Prison Break return to Fox? When can I watch the premiere of the new Prison Break season on Fox?

Can can I watch the new Prison Break season on Fox?

I do not know the exact date yet, but it will be aired Tuesdays at 9:00 PM. It will probably have its premiere in January or latest in February, but I guess the end of January.

What do you think? When will be able to watch the first episode of Prison Break season 5 on Fox?

To be honest I look much more forward to 24: Legacy. This is another fox series, but unfortunately it will be without Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) who is busy with being the American President in Designated Survivor instead. The premiere of 24: Legacy on Fox will be on February 5th, just after the Super Bowl giving it a fantastic kick-off. Let us hope the kick-off will become the start of another fantastic season of 24.

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