Prison Break season 5 premiere on April 4th on FOX

Prison Break season 5 on FOXHave you been waiting for season 5 of Prison Break for ages? The wait is almost over, because on April fourth the new season will premiere.

The fifth season of Prison Break will not be a full season, but it will only consist of nine episodes. It will continue where the story ended, but it will bring us news about our super hero Michael who isn’t dead, but who is stuck in some prison and now needs to be set free. Who will come to rescue him? His brother and some other helpers!

This is the baseline of the story for the fifth season of Prison Break which will premiere on April 4th in 2017 on Fox.

Where and how to stream Prison Break season 5 online?

If you want to watch the episodes of Prison Break season 5 online, then the easiest way to do so, is probably to watch it on the Fox website. The new episodes will be made available there a few hours after they have been aired in the USA. If you are located abroad, then you can read my instructions on how to watch Fox online abroad by pressing the link.

Maybe you want to watch Prison Break on some other platform. I am not a big fan of watching episodes of my favorite shows on the Fox website, so if it is possible, I rather watch my favorite content on Hulu, Netflix or Amazon Prime. But, can you watch Prison Break season 5 on any of these platforms?

Stream Prison Break on other platforms

You will for sure not be able to stream the new season of Prison Break on Netflix for a while. You can however buy each episode on one by one, and thus stream the new episodes there. The price per episode will most likely be 2 or 3 USD per episode.

If you have a Hulu subscription you might be lucky and be able to stream the episodes there. I can not guarantee this, but since Hulu stream other Fox content like Empire and 24: Legacy, I do have a hope that you might be able to stream Prison Break on Hulu as well. For more information on how to stream Prison Break on Hulu (if it turns available there), can be found here.

The new episodes of Prison Break is set to be aired on Tuesday evenings at 21.00 (9.00 PM) in the United States.

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