24 Legacy is here on Fox

Did you see the Super Bowl 2017? Or did you only watch it in the background, because the highlight on February 5th was what came after Super Bowl, 24 Legacy?

I am not a big Super Bowl fan, but I am a big fan of 24. That is why I have been waiting for 24 Legacy to arrive for a very long time. And yes, now 24 Legacy is here. I have watched three episodes, and based on the first three episodes I have also made up my mind about whether I like the new 24 or not.

But, before I share my thoughts on 24 Legacy, let me tell you some very useful information if you haven’t watch 24 Legacy online yet.

Watch 24 Legacy online

You can stream the new 24 Legacy episodes online on the Fox website. It works fine, the episodes are shown with lots of commercials, but they are available for free on the Fox website. If you are located outside the United States, then these instructions will tell you how to watch Fox online from abroad.

Even though I know how to watch 24 Legacy on Fox from abroad, that is not the way I stream the series online. Instead I use my commercial free Hulu subscription and watch the newest 24 Legacy episodes on the day following the original airing day in the USA for the new episodes. So, while the new 24 Legacy episodes are shown on Fox every Monday evening in the USA, then I stream them online on Hulu on Tuesday morning. And yes, it is without commercials and with high quality.

These are the best ways to stream 24 Legacy online, but if you have any other method you would like to recommend, then write a comment beneath to share your insight!

So, how do I like 24 Legacy?

I have learned a lot about my relationship to 24 after watching the first three episodes of 24 Legacy. I have read quite a lot of other reviews as well, and there is one thing that we all seem to agree about.

24 is much more a concept than it is about Jack Bauer

I was so worried about what 24 would be like without Jack Bauer. But, once the action started in 24 Legacy I quickly discovered that what I loved about 24 was not Jack Bauer, but the concept itself. 24 is much more about an atmosphere, about the sounds and of course about all the repetitions of phrases such as “we need to hurry” and so much more. I am no longer worried about 24 Legacy without Jack Bauer. It stands perfectly on its own legs without Jack Bauer, so that is no problem!

This is perfect for hard-core 24 fans

After three episodes I find myself biting my nails again, always curious as to what will happen. There are of course those annoying happenings, which always follow 24… whatever can go wrong, will go wrong. We know it from the start, and that is the way 24 is built. If a pen-drive should be given to the CTU, then it will for sure be lost on its way to the headquarter. If a phone call with important information needs to be made, then someone will for sure stop it before the crucial works can be said. It is annoying, but it is 24, and without it 24 would only be a TV series made up of one episode, and not of 12.

We have seen it before

The biggest challenge for 24 Legacy is to keep up the interest. After three episodes I always find it a challenge to watch, because after all I have seen it before. It is hard to create something completely new with this concept, and so far 24 Legacy hasn’t done so either. That is why I have to conclude and say that 24 Legacy is perfect for those who simply love 24 and the concept. If you have seen 3-4 seasons and got bored by the end, then 24 Legacy will give you exactly the same, so you probably want to steer away from 24 Legacy and watch some other content on Hulu (or Fox) instead.

What do you think about 24 Legacy?

These were my main thoughts on 24 Legacy. What do you think? Are you a fan? Will you keep watching the season? Have you got questions related to streaming 24 Legacy online? Use the comment field beneath to share your thoughts and comments!

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