Watch all your favorite Fox series on YouTube TV

YouTube TV launched on April 6th, and since then you can watch all your favorite Fox series on the YouTube TV. Have you given it a try? Is it worth the 35 USD per month?

YouTube TV was announced a while back, and five days ago it was officially launched in some of the biggest cities in the United States. It is not available everywhere, but only in a few specific cities, meaning that it is a very limited amount of people that are actually allowed to use these services. Unfortunately I live in Europe, but luckily I found a way to bypass the geo-blocking in the browser (which stopped me from being able to sign up for YouTube TV), and thus I was still able to give YouTube TV a try.

It was very easy to sign up after I followed those instructions, and in fact it was brilliant, because I did not even need a VPN for this to work (which I do need whenever I want to watch Fox from abroad).

What can I watch on YouTube TV?

When you have your YouTube TV subscription you can watch all your favorite TV series from Fox, NBC, CBS and several other networks. You can watch the content live, or you can watch lots of content on demand.

Watching CBS morning news on YouTube TV
Here I am watching CBS morning news on YouTube TV

You can also look at most of your favorite TV series and the former episodes of those (from this season). You can also add TV series as your favorites, and YouTube TV will automatically record those episodes, making sure that you can watch them whenever you want, wherever you want! That is in fact quite brilliant, and this is what I was worried about before YouTube TV was launched. It looks like Google has been smart however, and recording your favorite TV shows has been made incredibly easy, which is simply brilliant!

If you have a YouTube TV subscription there is no need to watch the Fox website and the content on the website anymore, since you can watch it all on the YouTube TV website. There are some commercials, but it is very minimal, making it much more convenient than watching the Fox TV series on the Fox website.



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