24: Legacy to premiere on Fox soon

The premiere of 24: Legacy is only a few weeks away. I am looking forward to it, and I guess you are as well!

What will 24 be like without Jack Bauer and Kiefer Sutherland? As you might know Kiefer Sutherland is active playing the President of the United States in Designated Survivor, a brilliant TV series that is starting to look more and more like 24, just without the brutality and heavy action. If you are a Jack Bauer fan then you have probably already follow Kiefer Sutherland and watch a few episodes of Designated Survivor. But, maybe you find it to be to boring and you are really looking forward 24: Legacy to arrive. I can totally understand you and I look very much forward to 24: Legacy as well.

To be honest I am really happy about what’s going on. I really like Designated Survivor, and now I can watch 24 without Jack Bauer in addition to that. Instead of watching just one TV series I suddenly have two TV series to watch. I of course watch lots of other TV programs as well, but this is just an example of how I just got two new favorites instead of just one.

Where to watch 24 Legacy?

You can watch 24 Legacy on the Fox website. To watch it there you need an American IP address, and you can read more about how to get one and how to stream Fox from abroad right here at fox.fromabroad.org.

You can also watch 24 Legacy on Hulu, and it is to turn available there from February 6th. That is the method I will use, especially considering that I have a commercial free Hulu subscription, meaning that I can watch all my favorite shows without any delays or commercials stopping the entertainment.

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