Watch Lethal Weapon online on Fox

lethal-weapon-onlineThe first two episodes of Lethal Weapon has aired on Fox and I think I am in love. At least kind of. Do you want to watch Lethal Weapon online on Fox?

I did like the original Lethal Weapon films, but I was not sure whether or not I would like the new TV series from Fox. But, after watching the first two episodes I must admit that I truly like it. They have such a nice mixture of action and humor. As a matter of fact I laugh much more watching Lethal Weapon than I do watching “normal” comedy series such as Kevin Can Wait and The Good Place.

But, let us say that you want to watch Lethal Weapon online. Where can you do so? Is it possible to watch Lethal Weapon online for free?

Read on to find an answer to these and other questions!

How and where to watch Lethal Weapon online

There are lots of streaming sites at which you can watch Lethal Weapon online. It is kind of obvious, but you can of course watch Lethal Weapon online on the Fox website. But, be aware of the fact that as new episodes are added, old episodes will most likely disappear. That is why you will need to keep up to date and watch regularly. There are some instances in which Fox decide to keep the entire seasons available on their website, but since only two episodes of Lethal Weapon has been aired so far I can not guarantee that it will work like that with Lethal Weapon.

Maybe the most popular streaming service for TV series in the USA is Hulu. They of course show Lethal Weapon as well, so if you have a Hulu subscription then you can at any time visit their website for the latest Lethal Weapon episodes. Most likely they will keep the episodes available, meaning that you will be able to watch entire seasons and so later. If you even have a no-commercial subscription to Hulu this is a very brilliant way to watch Lethal Weapon online.

You can also decide to watch Lethal Weapon on There you will have to buy access to every single episode one by one, or you can decide to buy the first season and get access to new episodes as soon as they are added. Normally new episodes are made available the day after it has been aired on Fox. This is a commercial free way of watching Lethal Weapon online, but it will cost you quite a lot of money.

Other ways to watch Lethal Weapon online?

Do you know of any other way to watch Lethal Weapon online? Write a comment and let me know and share your knowledge with my readers!

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