Lethal Weapon premiere on Fox tonight

Tonight the wait comes to an end. Lethal Weapon is coming to FOX and it is time for us all yet again to get to know Martin Riggs and Roger Murtaugh even better.

At September 21st, that is tonight, it is time for the premiere of this brand new TV series from Fox. It will be followed by other premieres like Pitch on September 22nd and The Exorcist on September 23rd. There is however little doubt about the fact that Lethal Weapon is the TV series of the three that I look the most forward to. To be 100% honest I look even more forward to 24: Legacy, but that will only come in February 2017, so I will have to wait a bit for more the Jack Bauer predecessor to arrive.

I have earlier written an article presenting all the different shows that will come to Fox this autumn and in the start of 2017, so to read more about the shows, visit this article.

It is time for a Lethal Weapon premiere on Fox tonight

Watch Lethal Weapon on Fox from abroad

If you want to watch the new episodes of Lethal Weapon after they have been originally aired, then it can be done so on Fox.com. It isn’t hard at all, and you only need to follow my instructions on watching Fox from abroad to do so.

If you have never seen a Lethal Weapon film before, then you have a lot to look forward to. Martin Riggs is the crazy cop who doesn’t fear for his own life. He, in fact, wouldn’t mind dying, and that is what makes him very effective and totally confusing for crooks and bad guys!

Roger Murtaugh is the total opposite of Martin Riggs. He goes by the book at all times, he wants to go by the book and he does his uttermost to live a pure and honest life. Together they are companies that stop bad guys. And together they make a great team. You have a lot to look forward to as Lethal Weapon comes to Fox this autumn, starting tonight!

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