Watch Minority Report online

Minority Report is the name of the brand new TV series which recently had its premiere on Fox. It is based on the original Steven Spielberg film from 2002 and if you want to watch Minority Report online just keep on reading!

Minorty Report online
Watch Minorty Report online

In Minority Report we get to follow a future world, and a world which has progressed and gotten rid of using a special method of catching criminals. Because, for a long time three special kids where hidden away, but they were capable of seeing murders before they actual took place, and thus they could inform the good guys and they could catch the bad guys before the crime actually took place. But, now this is a story of the past, but we follow one of these three “wonder children” who is now grown up and wants to help out, but he is not really allowed to and should not.

Dash, played by Stark Sands, plays the main role as one with this special skill, but not capable of seeing the entire picture without his other companions. But, he does his uttermost still to help and teams up with detective Lara Vega played by Meagan Good. Sounds cool? Find out how to watch Minority Report online!

Watch Minority Report online

If you want to watch Minority Report yourself online, then there are two ways to do so, but still kind of the same way. The most important is that you will need to get yourself an American IP address. The best way of getting an American IP address is using the services of  HideMyAss, a VPN provider with servers in lots of nations worldwide. Once you sign up for their services (which has a 30 day full refund policy) you can connect to any of their servers using the HideMyAss client, and once connected to a server in USA you will get an American IP address and then you can watch Minority Report online in the following two ways. Visit HideMyAss website

  1. Visit and watch it at
    This will only work if you have an American IP address.
  2. Visit and watch it there. You will need a Hulu subscription and an American IP address for this to work.

These are the two ways in which you can watch Minority Report legally online online.  Click the HideMyAss button to get started with this, and do not forget that you can use the same subscription to watch the other programs at the Fox website online as well, and you can also use this to watch CBS overseas, NBC in Europe and much, much more!


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