Is The Simpsons worth a try?

The Simpsons worth watchingHave you ever heard of The Simpsons? I bet you did. The Simpsons is one of the oldest, most popular and simply just the greatest and most entertaining shows available on television.

The Simpsons is an animated sitcom for adults that was created by Matt Groening and it is the longest running animated show in the United States. The show had a huge impact on the following adult animated sitcoms such as The Family Guy or American Dad. The show also received generally good reviews and feedback from the critics and it is one of the highest rated shows according to several sites. The Simpsons was also nominated to several awards including 31 Primetime Emmy Awards, 30 Annie Awards and so on.

But what is the show about?

The Simpsons takes place in the fictional city of Springfield in the United States and it revolves around the Simpsons family that consists Homer, the husband and father, Marge, who is the wife of Homer and their three children Bart, Lisa and Maggie. The series shows the every day life of the American middle class through the life of the Simpsons. The show makes fun of the actual happenings, American culture, society, media, politics and so on.

The first season of the series was aired on Fox on 17th December 1989 and since that the show has 27th seasons. The latest season of The Simpsons premiered on 27th September 2015 and it is also renewed for a brand new season. Good news for the fans that both of the seasons contains 22 episodes. The Simpsons is highly recommended for everyone who likes animated shows, with sarcastic and at times harsh jokes and who is up to date in the world happenings.

You can watch quite a lot of The Simpsons episodes on If you want to do so visit to find out more about how you can watch Fox online from outside the United States.

Now, before you continue, let me also tell you that I would probably do something else than to watch The Simpsons, but that is because I am not a big Simpsons fan myself. If you are looking for advises on what to watch on Fox instead of The Simpsons, read the following article telling you great TV series to watch on Fox.

And if you want to watch The Simpsons on that can of course also be done!

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