Do not miss out on The Passion

Have you seen The Passion? Not the film Passion made by Mel Gibson, but The Passion, a musical produced by Fox shown on Palm Sunday 2016.

The Passion is a modern day set musical telling the story of the passion of Christ, the story of the last days and hours of the life of Jesus Christ. It is displayed in the world of New Orleans, but it still gives a quite similar story to the one from the Bible, so Christians do enjoy this, but this is not just for Christians, but for everyone.

The Passion on Fox

If you want to watch The Passion then you can do it on Fox right now. To watch Fox overseas you need to follow the descriptions on how to watch Fox overseas, but if you are already in the United States then you can just visit and get started right away.

Another way to watch The Passion is to tune in to Netflix, because as far as I know The Passion has been made available on every single Netflix region, making it available to millions of people around the globe, and not just people in one certain Netflix region.

So, I can warmly recommend The Passion and I must give credit to Tyler Perry and all the other people participating in making this a perfect musical to watch around Easter, or any time of the year.

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