Watch X-Files online on in Europe

Season 10 of X-Files has just started to show on Fox in the USA and millions of X-Files fan have been waiting for this season for more than 10 years. Finally it is here and now you can watch it online on the Fox website in the USA.

X-Files season 10 on Fox
I am watching X-Files season 10 on in Europe

I recently wrote that I am not the biggest fan of X-Files and that you can buy the rights to watch every single episode on, but if you want to watch the newest episodes for free, then that can be done on the Fox website. There is just s light problem and that is if you are located in Europe or in any country in the world that is outside the United States, because the streams on is only available to people in the USA. To avoid this, or to bypass this, you will need to get yourself an American IP address and that is something you can get using the VPN services of HideMyAss.

Visit HideMyAss website

If you visit their website clicking the button above and download their program after signing up for their services you will be able to connect to one of their US servers and at once you will get an American IP address and as a consequence you will be able to watch X-Files on and any other TV series available on the Fox website from all across the world.

With Amazon Instant Videos you will have to pay for every episode, but on the Fox episode it is free to watch the most recent episodes. If you want to watch the former nine episodes an Amazon Prime subscription is the ideal for you, because then you will be able to watch all the nine former X-Files seasons at once.

For more information about watching Fox overseas in general, click the link. Have fun watching and feel free to write a comment sharing your feelings about this new season with X-Files.

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