24 Legacy – Coming to Fox in the autumn 2016

One of the TV series I look most forward to in the autumn 2016 most for sure be 24 Legacy. I have always been a big 24 fan, and now I am curious to find out whether our new “Jack Bauer” can keep it up and the 24 Legacy keep rolling with a new action hero!

Lots of people hoped for a long time that Jack Bauer played by Kiefer Sutherland would return to the screens, but it seems as if it ended in 2015 in London where Jack Bauer was taken captive by the Russians in the end. It does of course not mean that he will never return, but at the moment it seems as if 24 will run with a new star and this time our hero is played by Corey Hawkins and his name is Eric Carter.

[stbpro id=”info”]Before continuing let me tell you that this program will not premiere in 2016, but it will have its premiere on February 5th in 2017, just before Super Bowl.[/stbpro]

The first teaser of the show has already gone public and if you want to watch the 24 Legacy trailer, just take a look at it beneath.

In the story we meet Eric Carter who has been abroad doing some important business and catching bad criminals, but once back in the USA things are not happening the way he thought they would. Suddenly the terrorists are entering his home and not only his, but also taking out his former colleagues, and now he is the one that has to save the world. And this will of course take place in real time. Doesn’t it sound cool? You can watch 24 Legacy on Fox from February 2017 and I am prepared. Since I am not in the United States I have to use a VPN to get an American IP address, and in that way I will be able to watch the Fox website and programs overseas, so if you have the same problem just follow the instructions in that linked article and be ready to enjoy the first episodes right after they have been aired.

It seems as if only 12 episodes will be made in 24: Legacy in the first season, but if it turns out right and becomes a success (which I hope it will), then more episodes will for sure be added in the future.

24 legacy coming to Fox

If you have not yet seen 24: Live Another Day, then you can for example do so on Amazon.com or maybe also on the Fox website.

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