Lethal Weapon coming to Fox

Lethal Weapon is the name of some fantastic films with Mel Gibson and Danny Glover from the 80s and the 90s. Now a TV series is coming to Fox with the same characters, but new actors.

Lethal Weapon is supposed to premiere on Fox in the autumn of 2016 and based on the trailer which you can see above it is clearly very similar to the original films. Martin Riggs, played by Clayne Crawford is still as crazy as earlier and Roger Murtaugh played by Damon Wayans is still conservative and always keep on running after the craziness of Martin Riggs.

Based on the trailer I must say that this looks really cool and it seems to be packed with action and humor at the same time. In that way it is very different from for example 24 Legacy, another TV series that is coming to Fox as Lethal Weapon is just as much a comedy as it is an action film. If you are in the mood for watching these TV series as they are made available then you can read more about watching Fox from abroad here.

Lethal Weapon on Fox

There are lots of other TV shows coming to other TV networks as well. I have written about lots of TV series that will come to CBS at cbs.fromabroad.org so make sure to read about those as well, but I believe that some of the best shows will come to Fox. I have not yet written about Prison Break, but that is yet another TV series that will return to Fox and it will be interesting to see whether or not the audience will be happy about Prison Break returning to the screens or not.


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