Watch Sochi Paralympics online on Channel4

Channel4 will follow the good traditions from the Paralympics in London in 2012 and broadcast from Sochi in 2014. The Paralympics is an event testifying of courage and talent, and this is your chance to watch it online.

Sochi Paralympics online
Watch Sochi Paralympics online!

From March 7th until March 16th the Winter Paralympics will be arranged in Sochi. If you want to watch them, you better tune in to Channel4 who will broadcast about 50 hours in total from the Paralympics. Considering the fact that the total length of the paralympics is 10 days, that means a daily average of 5 hours, which is quite good.

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If you like this and have a VPN subscription with HideMyAss, do not forget that you can use it for so much more than just watching the Paralympics online. For example, in a few months it is time for the World Cup in Rio and then you can use your VPN subscription to watch the World Cup 2014 online!

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