UEFA 2017 for women coming up

In six days it will be time for kick off in this summers highlight for football fans. The European Championship in football will be arranged in the Netherlands in the period between July 16th and August 6th. Those who want to cheer for England, or simply watch the event on English TV should all head to the Channel 4 website.

The event will be streamed on Channel 4 in England, meaning that the typical ITV and BBC reign will not be valid for this event. Channel 4 is getting better and better at streaming large sports events, and this is definitely an example of such an event.

The English ladies will play in a group together with Scotland, Portugal and Spain, meaning that they will have a hard time already during the group stage. Hopefully the girls will be able to move on towards the knockout stage however, where they will meet even harder opponents.

The English team is ranked as the fifth best team in the world on the FIFA ranking. Among the teams participating in UEFA EUro 2017, only Germany and France have higher rankings.

In the last 15 years the English football has improved a lot, considering the fact that the English ladies were ranked number 15 in 2003, but has since then steadily worked their way upwards on the list. They have now been ranked the fifth best team in the world for the last three years.

England will play their opening match against Scotland on July 19th, then on July 23rd against Spain. Their last match during the group stage will be played on July 27th against Portugal.

If you want to stream the event on Channel 4 online from abroad, press the link for more information on how it can be done.

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