Do you want to watch Film 4, a part of the Channel 4 network,  online? You are probably here because you have problems doing so, and we hope that this article and our site in general will help you get those problems solved.

Film 4 keeps loading and loading

If you get the error with the Film 4 channel just loading and loading, this is a traditional problem, and we will here ask some questions that will help you get rid of the loading sign, and make you able to instead watch whatever film you want to see broadcasted on Film 4.

Error 1: UK IP address

Are you trying to watch Film 4 from outside the United Kingdom? If the answer is yes, you will need to make Film 4 believe that you actually reside in the United Kingdom, and this can be done by acquiring an IP address in England. I have already written an article about how to watch Channel 4 with a UK IP address, so if you try to watch Film 4 from outside England, then read that article and follow the instructions, which will tell you how this can be done.

Error 2: I am in the UK, but video still keeps loading

Make sure that your timezone is set to the UK timezone and that your location is set to England in the regional settings on your computer.

Hopefully these two steps will help you solve the problems. Good luck and enjoy watching good films and programs on Film 4 online.

I have followed the steps described here myself and after doing so I could easily watch Film 4 from outside England. Just take a look at the following screenshot!

Film4 from abroad
I was watching a romantic comedy on Film 4 as I made this screenshot!