Channel 4 videos do not start!

Are you trying to watch a TV program on Channel 4 but instead of the video starting to play it simply freezes and you only see a picture instead and no video starting.

What is causing this? It might not always be this answer, but if you are located outside the United Kingdom then that is probably what is causing this problem. Because, if you try to watch Channel 4 from abroad, you will not be able to, due to geographical limitations used by Channel 4 on all channels available in its network. To fix this you do not have to do much, but read the main article here on this site and you will find instructions on how you can trick this and within a few minutes you will be able to watch Channel 4 online and instead of videos not starting and still images, you will see the videos starting and you can watch How I Met Your Mother, New Girl and other great TV series online!

New Girl on Channel 4

For example here you can see a screenshot made by me as I just watched New Girl on the Channel 4 website! Get started watching yourself within seconds. Press the link to the channel you are interested in found in the menu above and follow the instructions and you will be ready to watch in minutes! Enjoy!


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