E4 is one of the many channels operated by Channel 4. Just like the other channels they have a live stream and something called 4oD (4 On Demand), making it possible to watch their content online. But, to watch E4 from abroad you will need to make them believe that you actually reside in the UK.

If you want to do so, read our article on how to watch Channel 4 from abroad, because the principles and the how-to-do-it are exactly the same no matter which of the Channel 4 channels you would like to watch.

How do I know that this is my problem?

If you try to watch E4 and all you see is that the video is loading and never starting, then this might be your problem. I had the same problem, but luckily I got hold of a UK IP address which fixed the problem and after fixing it, I got to watch the E4 online stream. Just take a look at the following screenshot.

E4 live from abroad
I am watching E4 live from abroad

What can I watch on E4?

E4 is the channel with the coolest TV series available. Here you can for example watch the Big Bang Theory, Rules of Engagement, How I met Your Mother, New Girl, Made in Chelsea, 90210, Ugly Betty, Tool Academy, Charmed, 2 Broke Girls, Make It or Break It, PhoneShop, The Midnight Beast, Greek, One Tree Hill, Suburgatory and tons of other shows.

Read the following article and find out how to watch E4 online!