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Blindspot on AmazonIf you like TV series with action, but without brutal violence and lots of sex, then Blindspot might be the TV series you are looking for. It first aired in the autumn of 2015 on NBC and turned into an immediate success. Now you can watch single episodes or buy rights to watch full seasons of Blindspot on

I must admit that Blindspot has turned into one of my favorite TV series this autumn, together with The Blacklist which I have liked for two full seasons already. In Blindspot we meet this lady who wakes up in the middle of New York in a bag. We know nothing about her and neither does she, because her entire memory has been erased. But, she is still full of messages as her body is full of tattoos which all share clues on crimes that has taken place or are about to take place. And what is even more important is that on her back we can find the name of Agent Weller, a guy whom she can not remember and Weller can not remember her either. But, they get good along and that is the start of a somehow good relationship that we can follow throughout the season of Blindspot.

At the time of writing the first 10 episodes of season 1 has been aired of Blindspot, but more episodes will be released in 2016 (the 11th episode will come on February 29th in 2016), so make sure to get ready for that day with watching the first ten episodes of season 1 by then.

If you need more information on how you can watch Amazon Instant Videos online from outside the USA, just click the link and you will get to an article explaining you how this can quite easily be done and fixed.

Enjoy watching Blindspot and hope you will like the TV series as much as I do!

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