Watch The Blacklist on Amazon Instant Video

The Blacklist onlineThe Blacklist is the TV series telling the story about Raymond Reddington, a most wanted fugitive, and Elizabeth Keen, a profiler who works for the FBI. Their stories are connected as Raymond Reddington walks into FBI to surrender himself, but he will only speak with Elizabeth Keen, for some reason!

The Blacklist has turned into one of the most popular TV series produced by NBC and James Spader playing Raymond Reddington has received lots of praise and good critics for his role as the criminal mastermind Raymond Reddington, who for some reason has started turning his back on other criminals and instead helps the FBI find other people they have been looking for without luck for a long time.

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Also, do not forget that the first episode of season 1 is available for free, so try it out if you do not know much about The Blacklist yet, and you will soon be addicted and want to watch the rest of the Blacklist seasons as well!



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