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The Player on Amazon.comThe Player is the name of a brand new TV series produced by NBC, and it is one cool thing to watch. So far I have just watched the opening episode, but I am already looking forward to watching the second episode, and that says it all.

Since it is autumn I do watch a lot of TV and premieres, and based on the first episode I normally decide whether I should give the show a shot or not. Earlier I have watched The Blindspot, also produced by NBC, and I liked it a lot, but I have also watched some shows that was not that catchy at all, for example Minority Report from Fox.

Now if you want to watch The Player on you can simply visit the Amazon website and either pay per episode, or buy the rights to watch the entire season online. I would of course recommend the entire season, because I believe that you will get hooked on this, just like me, after one episode and then you will want to keep watching at once.

Do not forget that the first episode can be watched for free on, so go ahead and watch it first for free, and then you will want to watch the rest afterwards!

If you want to know more about The Player then you can read the following article to get more information about the story, the actors and other The Player related information.

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