Watch Wishenpoof on Amazon

Wishenpoof is a children TV series produced for, meaning that you can only watch it on The first season is online at the moment, and in it you will get to know Bianca, a girl who can make wishes come true.

Wishenpoof on PrimeThis is a really nice TV series and it is very fun, because if you have seen any of my YouTube videos about Netflix, then you might remember the dancing teddy in the start. It is really cool, and if you then take a look at Wishenpoof you can see that the teddy in Wishenpoof has a very big similarity to the teddy in the intro to my YouTube videos. Enough about that!

Wishenpoof is a brillliant TV series for children in the age group between 3-6 years. It has good values and always encourage people to believe in themselves, not to be afraid, but to dare to follow their dreams and follow their hearts.

This could probably turn into a TV series just as popular as Dora the Explorer, but the fact that this is an Amazon TV series makes it a bit limited. However, I really enjoyed this, and so did the younger ones with whom I watched it, so if you have children in the house who want to have something nice to watch, then Wishenpoof might be it.

And do not forget that with an Amazon Prime subscription you can watch it for free, but you can also watch it as Instant Videos and pay either per episode or for the entire season at once. More about watching Prime and Instant Videos from abroad can be found here.

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