Watch Dinosaur Train on Amazon Prime

Dinosaur Train on Amazon PrimeThis morning I looked for a children program on Amazon Prime and then I discovered that I could watch Dinosaur Train! If you buy the episodes one by one they cost either 2USD or 3 USD, but since I have a Prime subscription I can enjoy them for free, included in the package.

In the Dinosaur train we meet the dinosaur family who frequently travels around the world, on the so called Dinosaur Train. In the first episode they use the train to travel under the water to see what life in the sea is like and to see how the dinosaurs in the sea live and eat. An episode lasts for about 14 minutes, and it is packed with nice songs, nice graphics and lots of dinosaurs, ideal for children between 3-6 years, I would say.

Do you want to watch Dinosaur Train on Amazon? Click the link beneath! If you do not have a Prime subscription you can buy the rights to watch an entire season or one episode by itself.

If you want to know more about watching Amazon Prime, get yourself a subscription, and enjoy Amazon Prime from abroad, just click this link for more information.

[stbpro id=”info”]At the time of writing there are six seasons of Dinosaur Train available on, and all six seasons are available to Prime members.[/stbpro]

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