Quick delivery to Europe from Amazon.com

Last week I decided to order some books from Amazon.com. I live in Europe, and normally I do all my orders on Amazon.de, but as I had some money on my Amazon.com account, I decided to place my order there instead.

amazon quick delivery

If you order products from Amazon.com, you might have to wait for a long time for the products to arrive. But, last week I ordered some books, and upon checkout I noticed that the difference between the slowest and the second best delivery method was only 2 Dollar. So, I decided to upgrade the delivery, and guess what? I ordered my books on April 5th, and I now expect the books to arrive on April 12th. And what makes this even better, is that the package was sent by Amazon only on April 7th. If I take that into consideration, then this is almost just as fast as a delivery from Germany would take. If I was an Amazon Prime member I would get the order sent even faster, but since I do not have a Prime subscription at the moment, it took Amazon three days to send my order.

I am quite curious at the moment, because if I remember correct, there is no VAT on book orders from Amazon, but if you order cameras, laptops and other electronic┬ádevices, you will have to pay VAT as they are delivered to an address in Europe. So, I am will wait and see, but I am quite sure that there will be no VAT on this order, meaning that it will only be 7 days from the day my order was placed on Amazon.com, until I get the package delivered to my home address in Europe. Great stuff’

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