Where’s Waldo on Amazon

A few days ago Google had a cool thing happening. If you opened Google Maps you could see Waldo looking in on one side of your screen. If you pressed the picture of Waldo you got the chance to look for him at special maps/pictures made for Google.

Where s Waldo on Google

I had a very good time looking for Waldo and his friends in the Google Maps task, and I also remembered what a good time I had when I was a child looking for Waldo here and there in books. So, guess what? I had some money left on my Amazon account, and now I have used quite a lot of them purchasing Where’s Waldo books for my children. Yeah, they deserve to have a fantastic time searching for Waldo in the books as well.

But, I did not only order Where’s Waldo books. As I looked for the Where’s Waldo books, Amazon kept recommending me Bigfoot Search and Find books. I have never heard about those before, but they sound cool, and thus, I ordered one such book as well. It will, of course, take a while for these books to be delivered to Europe, but I have plenty of time, so that should not cause me any trouble.

Until then, I guess I will wait and watch some great TV series. At the moment my favorite is the Scandinavian TV series The Bridge (Broen). You can watch the first three seasons on Amazon as Instant Video, and I guess the fourth (and final) season will be made available soon. They speak Swedish and Danish in the TV series, but it comes with English subtitles, so it is absolutely a thrill. I am soon finished with the fourth season, and my favorite season has been the first, but all the other seasons have been great as well!

Have a good time, and find out more on how to watch Amazon videos from abroad right here.

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